Rite Track has customized the semiconductor industry's most widely used 200mm and below track platforms – TEL Mark and SVG 8X/9X – to have optimized features and capabilities needed for today’s diverse coater/develop applications. 

Rite Track has engineered custom modifications to optimize TEL and SVG platforms for MEMSBiomedical, LED & III/VPhotovoltaic as well as other applications.  In addition Rite Track has optimized equipment solutions for I-Line, DUV, SOD, SOG, Polyimide, SU-8, BCB, BARC, TARC and many other processes.

Equipment adaptations have been done to allow our customers to safely and reliably do all of these applications and processes on substrates ranging from 2” square to 200mm round and on thick and thin substrates of GaAs, GaN, LiNb, LiTa, InP, Glass, SiC, Ceramic and of course Si.

If you don’t see your process listed – just ask – we’re probably already working on a solution, just for you.

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