Chemical Cabinets & Chemical Delivery Systems


One of the most critical components to your track system’s uptime is the reliability of its chemical delivery system. However, many of today’s active tracks use chemical cabinets that are no longer supported. With manufacturers long out of business, there are no quick support solutions to alleviate the potential for devastating production downtime should issues arise that require parts or service.

Rite Track has the solution with our new line of custom chemical cabinets. From the simplest to the most complex requirements, our new, modular chemical cabinet design provides the ultimate flexibility to configure an affordable cabinet with the features you need.



  • Configurable Options
  • Programmable to your Requirements
  • PLC-Driven Touch Screen Display
  • Digital Pressure Displays
  • Auto Switch and Bulk-Fill Options
  • De-gas Options
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • SEMI S2 / CE Compliance
  • E-mail Alarm Notification
  • Communication Capability with Track
  • Alarms
  • Canister/Bottle Level Status


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