The track system is manufactured from new components with less than 5% used components. Any used components are tested to insure that they meet or exceed OEM specifications, including fit, form and function. New systems are available only from the OEM or from providers licensed by the OEM. Limited “build alike” is available for New systems.


The system has been restored to operational status, meets original OEM published specifications, and may use a mixture of new and original components.


The system is completely rebuilt to meet or exceed OEM published specifications. The remanufacturing process uses a mixture of new and/or used components. Used components are tested to ensure that they meet or exceed OEM specifications, including fit, form and function. New components are used if a used component is not available. A typical remanufactured system will have less than 25% new content. The system is reconfigured to meet your specific process requirements. The system is certified as “like new”, fully operational and includes a warranty.


The equipment meets a published set of specifications, established by the OEM. The equipment has either been in production, or was owned by another individual or company and, therefore, cannot be sold as new. The system may be modified within the framework of the original cabinet frame, however complete reconfiguration is not available. The equipment is certified operational and includes a warranty. “Build alike” is not guaranteed for Certified/Pre-owned systems.

Build alike

System is built in the same configuration using the same components and software (as far as currently available) as previously supplied systems. Build alike does not apply across product series or lines.

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