Rite Track Certified Repairs

To extend the life of existing mature equipment for our customers, Rite Track offers quality Certified repair services for a wide variety of common parts.  Whether you are looking to extend your product investment with repairs to obsolete components or just looking to keep replacement costs down, Rite Track can help.  Unlike other providers, we have a dedicated repair center with the experience to recognize and replace common fail items, not just failed components, so you get a repaired part that lasts with a performance guarantee. 

In a continuing effort to better serve our customers that rely on TEL Mark and ACT Series products for their production needs, Rite Track has expanded our repair services to include SMC Thermo-con and Komatsu Electronics circulators. The repaired product will be certified by Rite Track to meet or exceed all OEM published specifications. Many of these circulators have been discontinued by their OEM and new replacements are no longer available. 

Rite Track certified repair services are completed at Rite Track Corporate Headquarters in the US or at our new repair center in Scotland. Contact your regional Rite Track office for more information.

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Rite Track Certified Repair Services Include:


Rite Track Certified Pump Repair
Assemblies  SVG 8X/9X Mark  ACT  DNS   
Power Supplies • 
Exhaust Flow Controllers
PacSci Spindle & Controllers      
Printed Circuit Boards  •
Immersion Temperature Controllers      
CTD Carts

Air Temperature & Humidity Controllers  
Track Module Operator Panels

ATS Arms      
Process Modules  
Resist Pumps        
Iwaki T-100 / RRC
(New TalonTech Replacement*)

Iwaki T-200/ RRC
(New TalonTech Replacement*)

IDI 300

IDI 400
IDI 450
IDI 550
Cybor 5000
Millipore Intelligen • 
Millipore WCDS/WCDP

* New Form-Fit Function replacement also available as an alternative to rebuilding existing pump
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