9X Training

Operations, Programming and Calibration (LEVEL 1)

This course provides new and current users of 9X Series systems with the skills and knowledge for proper system operation, programming, and calibration. Students receive a process function overview, and safety hazard instruction followed by extensive programming and set-up practice on a computer simulator. Finally, the students get extensive practice properly calibrating the 90 Series track. Associated adjustments will also be covered.

Maintenance and Adjustments (LEVEL 2)

This course provides students with the information necessary to properly maintain the track system. The students will receive training on the communication architecture electrical I/O for the modules and the supervisor. The students will also receive training on the Theory of Operation of each module as well as perform leveling and alignments, and review preventative maintenance procedures.

Advanced Troubleshooting (LEVEL 3)

This course focuses on enhancing the skills and knowledge for system fault diagnostics and solutions. Students will gain an understanding of schematic diagram analysis and troubleshooting techniques. Participants diagnose and solve instructor-induced faults as experienced in a Wafer Fab environment.

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