SVG 88 Coat & Develop Track System

Available as: New and Remanufactured

The fully featured 88 Series is ideal for submicron manufacturing. All 88 series systems are capable of processing 3" through 150mm substrates. Wafer size change is simple and requires minutes, not hours. Silicon, GaAs, Sapphire, GGG, Lithium Niobate, thin film heads, MEMS and many other substrate types are routinely processed on 88 Series systems.

The 88 series uses an enhanced in-line robotic transfer arm between each module. Critical transfers, such as between soft bake and chill, are much more easily controlled compared to a totally random robotic system. The 88 series can be provided with enhanced handling features including ceramic transfer arms, substrate edge handling during transfer and padded transfer arms.

Rite Track is the exclusive owner of the SVG 88 series product line (acquired in 2003) including the SVG 88 Coater, SVG 88 Developer, and SVG 88 Scrubber.


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