90-S/90-SE Series Track System

Available as: Certified/Pre-owned or Refurbished
  The 9X is designed to meet the requirements of advanced photoresist process applications, from leading-edge CPU manufacturing to volume memory manufacturing. Its 100mm – 200mm enhanced substrate handling, stacked thermal modules and submicron processing (down to 0.18um) capabilities, plus process control, and contamination control features, make the 9X series ideal for high productivity submicron manufacturing environments in DUV or I-line settings.

A key automation feature is the MultiPath™ substrate transfer system, maximizing throughput by combining serial and random transfer modes while eliminating bottle necks caused by lengthy process steps. MultiPath also eliminates process control problems by ensuring that serial arms are present for substrate transfer between critical process steps such as post-exposure bake to chill.

Optional features include the beltless exposure tool interface, photoresist and develop fluid temperature control, ambient temperature and humidity control, OEBR, SMIF and Polyimide Coat/Develop/Bake

The 9X delivers the performance required for submicron processing manufacturing applications via a flexible, compact configuration


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