Quickly Backup & Restore
Vital Mark Series Track Data

ARDiMuS® BU provides fast, reliable and secure backups of all of your valuable TEL Mark V/Vz/7/8 software. All of your track system and recipe information is saved on a state of the art, portable tablet computer.
Files on each Mark system can be easily copied and restored. Alarm files can be saved locally - no more losing critical history information when track disk is full and overwrites previous events. 

® BU is also available in combination with the Teaching Pendant.

NEW Industrial tablet design:
  • Rugged design for long-term industrial use
  • Compatible with future planned software products that will utilize embedded barcode/RFID reader.

Back-Up and Restore

  • Machine Data

  • Wafer Flows/Recipes

  • Alarm Log Storage - beyond local drive

  • Entire Drive Image for complete drive rebuild

  • MD # specific back-up of all files
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