SVG 8X Process Improvements


Rite Track is the owner of the SVG 86 and 88 series Intellectual Property including software. Rite Track is the only choice for certified OEM compatible upgrades and enhancements. As a part of our ongoing support of the 8X platform, Rite track provides a variety of offerings. In addition, our engineering department can customize any changes that you may need. Below is a partial list of enhancements Rite Track can provide:

Integrated Temperature Control Unit

Integrated Temperature Control Unit

  • Provide Temperature control for critical fluids
  • Resist Temperature Control
  • Develop Temperature Control
  • Chill Plate Temperature Control

Programmable Exhaust Flow Control

Improves uniformity by reducing exhaust cooling effect due to high exhaust and misting due to low exhaust
  • Improved Coat / Develop process control
  • Programmed to provide a set minimum exhaust during equipment idle.
  • Alarms if exhaust level too low

Programmable Exhaust Flow Control

Solvent Vapor Tip Chamber

Rite Track Solvent Vapor Tip Chamber

  • Rite Track Design
  • Dispense Tips rest in Solvent-rich environment
  • Minimizes dispense tip drying
  • Contain fumes
  • Self-regulated to prevent overfill

Watlow Temperature Controller Upgrades

  • Upgrade to Watlow temperature controllers for better accuracy
  • Hi Reliability
  • Card Cage Remote Set point

Watlow Temperature Controllers

Fragile Wafer Upgrades - Wafer Edge-Vacuum Arm

Fragile Wafer Upgrades 

We have developed a variety of upgrades through our history to handle event the most fragile substrates including:
  • Precision vacuum regulators
  • Teflon padded or ceramic robotic arms
  • Ceramic hotplate lift pin tips
  • Fixed proximity hot plates
  • Wafer edge-vacuum arms

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