8X Module & System Upgrades

Rite Track is the owner of the SVG 86 and 88 series Intellectual Property including software. Rite Track is the only choice for certified OEM compatible upgrades and enhancements. As a part of our ongoing support of the 8X platform, Rite track provides a variety of offerings to extend equipment life and usefulness. Below is a list of just some of the enhancements Rite Track can provide:

  • Develop Hi Performance Spindle Upgrade

    Single servo motor: +2 RPM control 
    >5 RPM low speed
    Eliminates DC motors, clutch!
    Reduced maintenance cost
    99 develop recipe storage
    Exercise mode capability
New Upgrade!
  • Auto Size-Change

    Run 2 different sizes with NO change
    Cassette load auto-changes size 
    Increase tool up-time 
    Eliminate need for size-dedicated tools

  • NetTRACK CPU Upgrade
    Flash Memory
    99 Recipe Storage
    Component Exercise Mode
    Programmable Pre-Dispense
    Programmable EBR Offset


  • CPU Board RAM Upgrade

    Eliminates reprogramming of the CPU board on replacement or battery loss! 

    Direct Plug & Play Replacement for OEM-compliant systems.

  • Coat Hi Performance Spindle

    Compact drive saves space
    Reduced power consumption
    Better coat uniformity over std motor
    Long-Life servo motor
    Eliminates consumable DC motor

New Upgrade! 
  • Module Additions

  • Track Additions

  • System Reconfigurations

  • Module Trade-in Credits 

86 Coat Module
  • Bottle Low Level Sensors

  • Drain High Level Sensors

  • Pump Modifications

  • Submicron Upgrade Kits

Source Bottle Low Level Sensor
  • 3-pin Hotplate Upgrades

  • Fixed Proximity Hot Plates

  • Hot Plate Controller

  • High Torque Indexers


8X Hot Plate Lift Pin Upgrades

  • Temperature Control Carts

  • Pullout Drawers (pump, drain)

  • Pressure Canisters

  • Fluid Level Sensorization

  • Digital Vacuum Switches

Develop Temperature Control
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