9X Retrofit Kits

Rite Track is the owner of the SVG 9X series Intellectual Property, including software. As a result, Rite Track is the only choice for certified OEM compatible upgrades and enhancements. Below is a list of just some of the enhancements Rite Track can provide:

Developer/DI Dispense (Eclipse)
  • Reduction in developer and DI dispense by up to 50%.
  • Reduce defect counts through improved rinsing mechanism.
  • Improved rinsing on edge of 8’’ wafers, compared to dual stream.
  • Uniform develop rates cross wafer.
    Reduced process time up to 23%
    150, 200 mm substrate
Wafer-handling Passive Centering
  • Available for all chill plates and all stages.
  • Designed for 150mm and 200mm wafers.
  • CP capture range of 9mm
    Stage capture range of 6mm

90-SE Coater Spindle
  • Weight of spindle assembly reduced by 20%.
  • Float introduced for lead nut to prevent binding.
  • Rotation of lead nut prevented to improve repeatability.
  • Super smart ball bushings able to self align.
  • Quick disconnect for chuck vacuum.
    90-SE only
Dispense Arm – Improved Packaging
  • x and z guide-rails replaced by precision linear guide rails.
  • Internal wiring on motors.

Coater Dispense Nozzle Tips
  • Individually replaceable tips 
  • Molded parts as opposed to machined units.
  • Easy and inexpensive to replace.


Resist Dispense Tip Assy. Replacement
  • Upgrade older 99-45456-02 coater dispense arms to accept the molded nozzle tips.


Main Shuttle Improvement
  • Add limit switches to determine number of steps between Switch 1 and Switch 2
  • Second switch allows for calibration check during operation.
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