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Solutions to Extend Equipment Life

Rite Track is the leader in consolidated sales & support solutions for the most popular, mature production track equipment in the semiconductor industry. As product lines mature, OEMs must focus resources on their newest lines which leave product sustainability voids for those still utilizing capable second generation equipment. Rite Track provides a bridge for fabs to continue capitalizing on their current equipment investments; offering extensive upgrades, equipment/parts sales, and technical services worldwide to dramatically extend mature track equipment life & usefulness. Whether you are looking for new or refurbished/remanufactured track systems, product upgrades, or technical product/parts support, Rite Track has a solution.
  1. ARDiMuS Flow Sensing1

  2. Auto Size-Change2

  3. Display Upgrades3

  4. Mark Teach Pendant & System Backup4

  5. End Station5

  6. Solvent Pre-Wet6

  7. Syringe Dispense7

  8. Chemical Delivery8

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SVG/RT 86, 88,
88e, 90-S/SE 
Coat, Develop,
 & Clean

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TEL Mark Series 
Coat & Develop
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Systems, Parts, Service
    TEL ACT 8/12 
Coat & Develop
Product Line Expert
Systems, Parts, Service
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