Automated Wafer Carrier Inspection Systems

EAGLEi Series - New Systems!

The NEW EAGLEi Series was designed to automatically verify critical wafer carrier dimensions. Fabs use the EAGLEi series to quickly identify out-of-tolerance carriers through in-coming and in-process inspection.  Removing carriers that do not meet specification will improve wafer transfers, maximize equipment availability, and enhance overall yield through a reduction in wafer breakage and particle contamination.

  • Automatically verifies critical wafer carrier and FOUP dimensions.
  • Provides incoming and in-process inspection                  
  • Identifies out-of-tolerance wafer carriers                  
  • Reduces wafer carrier and FOUP interoperability issues
  • Windows® 10 Operating System
  • Hi Resolution, Flat Panel Screen
  • All New Components

EAGLE300 - Available as: New 

  • 4" to 300mm 
  • FOUP or Cassettes. Any manufacturer, Color, Material
  • Full automation including FOUP cover removal

EAGLEi 200 - Available as: New

  • 2" to 200mm
  • Cassettes & Carriers including Quartz, Teflon and others. Any manufacturer, Color, Material 

CV 9812 and 9800 - Limited Parts and Service Support 

  • Rite Track is the Product line owner
  • Service support Available
  • Limited parts support due to the age and scarcity of CV systems for certified used parts.

 4" to 300mm

 - FOUP or Cassette Manufacturer, Color, Material

 4" to 300mm

 - FOUP or Cassettes. Any manufacturer, Color, Material 

 4" to 300mm

 - FOUP or Cassettes. Any manufacturer, Color, Material 

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