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New EAGLEi Carrier Inspection Technology Center Established


West Chester, OH, Nov 3, 2021 — Rite Track, a subsidiary of SHELLBACK Semiconductor Technology, is pleased to announce the opening of our EAGLEi Technology Center in our West Chester, OH facility. With the addition of EAGLEi 300 Wafer Carrier Inspection capability for measuring 300mm FOUPs and FOSBs, our new EAGLEi Technology Center can demonstrate this game-changing inspection capability to customers running any wafer size on any substrates.

Wayne Jeveli, CEO of SHELLBACK commented: “SHELLBACK brings together the best technologies of Rite Track and OEM Group. With today’s unprecedented market demand, our customers worldwide are searching for new ways to keep their equipment operating smoothly. SHELLBACK brings a total solution that focuses on the often-overlooked wafer carrier, combining the cleaning technology of our SEMITOOL STORM with the inspection technology of our EAGLEi. And now, with our new EAGLEi Technology Center, we can run inspections on our customers’ actual wafer carriers, and they can see the results with their own eyes. EAGLEi is a proven game-changer for fab operations.”

EAGLEi 300 is in use at major 300mm fabs across the world and has set the industry standard for accurate in-process post-cleaning carrier measurement evaluation. Improve your fab yield by ensuring only in-tolerance carriers are in production. The EAGLEi 300 joins the demonstration area alongside EAGLEi 200, providing a combination capable of 2” to 300mm carrier inspection. Contact us to schedule a demonstration on a sample of your carriers and see the results you have been missing.