ACT System Upgrades

Developed by Rite Track

Eliminate Obsolete Versions

ACT users should be aware that ACT system controllers need to maintain target voltage range or communication errors can occur, downing the system for lengthy troubleshooting.  There has been no way to monitor the voltage in real time…until now. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated engineering team, Rite Track now has a solution to address this critical issue.

Rite Track's new ACT 5 volt monitor provides:
  • Continuous, real-time monitoring of critical controller voltage
  • Low / high voltage adjustment capability to suit specific needs
  • Visual green/red status display (Alarm version)
  • Alarm version safely generates track alarm before system failure
Key Features:
  • All Use Existing System Cables for Quick Installation
  • Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed OEM Standards
  • Duplicate OEM Parts Eliminated – Stock Less and Save!
  • In Stock Now for Quick Shipment & 6 Month Warranty!
Rite Track PN 5 Volt Monitor Type Display Type
99-78744-01 Display Only Single Color
99-78744-02 Display & Track Alarm Red/Green

Alarmed Version

Shows Over / Under Voltage Display & Alarms Track

USB FDD Emulator

Replaces Existing Floppy Drive with Rite Track's new USB compatible version!

For years, ACT users have endured the painful process of backing up their systems on floppy disks. Its a time consuming process; even more so when reinstalling backups from floppies. Our new USB FDD (Floppy Disk Drive) Emulator eliminates the floppy drive and hard to find disks altogether. Now backups can be stored on a single USB stick!

New USB FDD Emulator Eliminates Backup Floppy Disks:
  • USB replacement drive replaces existing Floppy Disk Drive (FDD)
  • Stores all your system backup data on a single USB Drive
  • One USB Stick can store up to 99 floppy disk’s data
  • Easy to install
Rite Track PN Description
17-79787-01 USB FDD Emulator

ACT Brake Release

Controlled Release of Various Robotic Axis Brakes - Great for Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Maintenance on ACT robotic axis’ can be tricky. Now you can simplify the process with our new Brake Release which provides a controlled release of various robot axis brakes.

A Safer & Easier Way to Perform Critical Track Maintenance:
  • PMs (greasing)
  • Motor replacements
  • Belt replacements
  • Troubleshooting aid

Inexpensive and easy to use! A must for every fab

OEM PN Rite Track PN
2987-406824-11 or 2987-437998-11 99-78750-01

Sub-Op Panel For ACT Systems

New ACT Sub-Op Panel Replacement for Obsolete OEM Versions

OEM versions of the ACT Sub-Op Panel are now obsolete. Replacing it with an available version is critical for up-time. Rite Track has a solution on the shelf that can save you money now and in the future.

Rite Track's new ACT Sub-Op Panel:
  • Comes in two parts, the display and the controller
  • Allows for replacement of only the display or controller in the future. The OEM version is all-in-one so  the whole assembly needs to be replaced.
  • Form-fit-function replacement
  • Fully tested on our ACT test bed.
OEM PN Rite Track PN
2949-000002-11 99-79793-01

Main ACT LCD Screen Replacement

New Replacement LCD Screen for ACT Systems

Rite Track’s new LCD screen is a plug & play replacement available for quick shipment at a great price that will save you money. These screens are typically a long lead-time OEM item. Given the importance of this display, we are stocking to address your needs.

Rite Track's new ACT LCD Main Screen Replacement:
  • Plug & Play replacement with the same dimensions as the OEM version
  • No difference in Performance
  • Fully tested on our ACT test bed.
OEM PN Rite Track PN
CTEC80-000142-2* 17-79785-02

Dispense Upgrades

Your Dispense Experts

Need to add or change your system’s dispense line configuration? We can help with a multitude of standard or custom dispense options.

Syringe Dispense

  • 55cc N2 pressurized syringe dispense.  Other Sizes available upon request.
  • Pressure/time control
  • Controlled as one of 8 maximum coater dispenses

Solvent Prewet

  • Can dramatically reduce resist consumption
  • Programmed stream solvent dispense at wafer center
  • Available with any resist pump

Pump Changes & Line Additions

  • Upgrade resist pumps or add additional lines 
  • New or refurbished pumps available for any viscosity
  • Includes chemical cabinet modifications as needed

Module Additions

Increase Throughput, Add Capability Without Replacing Your System

Don’t replace your system when your latest production needs require additional modules for capacity increases or process changes.  We are the industry experts to contact for needed module additions. 

Add Modules in Unused Areas

  • Add Coater, Developer, HP, COL modules to existing blank module areas
  • Field retrofit – we come to you
  • 100 to 200 mm size options
  • Mark Vz & Mark 7/8

Dual Wafer Size for ACT Series

Run Two Wafer Sizes with NO Changeover

Reduce or eliminate your downtime associated with Track wafer size changeovers.  This Rite Track-engineered upgrade allows you to run different wafer sizes simultaneously, thus eliminating costly and time-consuming changeovers

  • Allow simultaneous operation of two wafer sizes
  • Available as a field retrofit to existing ACT 8 /12 systems
  • Available with any Rite Track refurbished ACT system
  • Increase tool uptime by eliminating time changing wafer sizes on your system
  • Eliminate the need for redundant, size-dedicated production tools
  • Perfect solution for fabs running multiple wafer sizes – R&D, foundry, pilot production, other needs
  • Ideal for processing standard wafer sizes and Silicon-on-Glass or other unique wafer carrier needs

Replacement Temperature & Humidity Control Units

Exclusive Distributor of MELcon Units for North America, Europe, Singapore & Malaysia

Looking for a replacement T&H unit. We can help with a NEW MELcon Unit guaranteed to meet / exceed original equipment requirements.

  • New SACS V4 and SACS V4+ models developed primarily for the field retrofit market
  • Suitable for many other T&H control needs
  • Exclusive distributor for North America, Europe, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Mark & ACT replacement Solutions!