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Mark System Upgrades

Developed By Rite Track


Keep Your Mark Systems Running for Years to Come

As the OEM slows on support of these great workhorse systems, you can count on Rite Track for parts and upgrades solutions to help keep your TEL Mark series systems in production for years to come. Mark system support has been a cornerstone of our business since 2003. Maximize your equipment investments long-term with Track engineered solutions. Let us know how we can help.

NEW ACE MX3 Mark System Controller with Dual Solid State Drives

Upgrade your Controller for the Future

  • Eliminates the floppy drive and hard to find floppy disks! No more disk backups
  • Incorporates two solid state drives, one mirrored for real-time backup. 
  • Windows 10 based controller
  • USB backup capable for storage of critical system and recipe data 
  • Includes self-installation instructions. Rite Track installation available as needed
  • Utilizes your current system interface boards & programming to run your existing system software

No System Software Changes . No More Floppy Disks!

Drive Solutions

Replace Your Floppy Drive with Our New SD Drive

Store and operate ALL Your Disk Files from a single SD card

With floppy drives harder to find and easy to misplace, now is the perfect time to upgrade to newer storage technology. Rite Track’s new Mark system SD Drive stores all your operating and backup data on a single SD card for easy use. No software update is needed. Available for TEL Mark Vz, TEL Mark 7 & TEL Mark 8 Systems

Controller Type Rite Track Part # Type
Ke or Ka Controller 17-81102-01 Internal Drive
F Controller 17-81103-01 External Drive

Flash Controller Upgrades for Silicon Disk Drives

  • Eliminates data battery backup failure & data loss
  • Leverages robust military flash technology
  • Simple installation
  • Available for Ke & Ka Controllers
Ke Controller Ka Controller F Controller
RIte Track PN 17-78611-01 17-78613-01 99-78449-01

Controller UPS

  • Protects critical system/recipe data during brownouts/main power voltage fluctuations
  • Direct fit/form/function replacement – same mounting and wiring
  • Replaces frequently failing and crucial TEL Mark main controller UPS
  • Works with all TEL Mark systems – regardless of system or controller
  • Rite Track designed to be repairable

Dual Wafer Size for Mark Series

Run Two Wafer Sizes with NO Changeover

Reduce or eliminate your downtime associated with Track wafer size changeovers.  This Rite Track-engineered upgrade allows you to run different wafer sizes simultaneously, thus eliminating costly and time-consuming changeovers

  • Allow simultaneous operation of two wafer sizes
  • Available field retrofit to existing TEL Mark Vz, TEL Mark 7, TEL Mark 8 
  • Available with any Rite Track refurbished Mark system
  • Increase tool uptime by eliminating time changing wafer sizes on your system
  • Eliminate the need for redundant, size-dedicated production tools
  • Perfect solution for fabs running multiple wafer sizes – R&D, foundry, pilot production, other needs
  • Ideal for processing standard wafer sizes and Silicon-on-Glass or other unique wafer carrier needs

5 Volt Monitor for Mark Systems

Eliminate Obsolete Versions

TEL Mark system controllers need to maintain target voltage range or communication errors can occur, downing the system for lengthy troubleshooting.  There has been no way to monitor the voltage in real time…until now. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated engineering team, Rite Track now has a solution to address this critical issue.

Rite Track's new Mark 5-volt Monitor provides:
  • Continuous, real-time monitoring of critical controller voltage
  • Low / high voltage adjustment capability to suit specific needs
  • Visual green/red status display (Alarm version)
  • Alarm version safely generates track alarm before system failure
Key Features:
  • All Use Existing System Cables for Quick Installation
  • Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed OEM Standards
  • Duplicate OEM Parts Eliminated – Stock Less and Save!
  • In Stock Now for Quick Shipment & 6 Month Warranty!
Rite Track PN 5 Volt Monitor Type Display Type
99-78744-01 Display Only Single Color
99-78744-02 Display & Track Alarm Red/Green

Alarmed Version

Shows Over / Under Voltage Display & Alarms Track

Flow Meter Sensorization

Monitor & Alarm to Avoid Misprocessing

  • Eliminate misprocessing of wafers due to improper chemical dispense
  • Available for HMDS, Solvent, Developer, DI Water
  • Break-beam sensors
  • Interlock applicable Coater, Developer or ADH module through MOC (multi-option controller). 
  • Also available with FM Sensor SW panel

Wafer Handling

Address Handling Issues with Custom Upgrades

We have seen it all when it comes to wafer handling on TEL Mark Vz, TEL Mark 7 & TEL Mark 8 systems. Contact us to find a solution.

Vacuum Main Arm Conversion

Thick Resist and Polyimide Coater systems will have improved wafer transfer reliability and less routine maintenance with a vacuum main arm conversion.

  • Applies to arms 1 and 2
  • Passive pincette transfer from COL to COAT is left As Is on arm 3.
  • Available for both arms on Mark Vz main arm.

Glass Wafer Sensors Kit

  • Enhance your system to allow it to run glass, SiC, sapphire and other translucent substrates – while still running standard silicon wafers!
  • Sensors and amplifiers are changed for the Main Arm and Carrier Station
  • Not available for WEE units
  • Available for Mark V, Vz, 7/8 systems

Developer Edge-Grip Chuck

  • MEMS applications
  • Edge-grip, pneumatically controlled chuck
  • Wafer flat/notch orientation
  • 150mm or 200mm size options

Dispense Upgrades

Your Dispense Experts

Need to add or change your system’s dispense line configuration? We can help with a multitude of standard or custom dispense options.

Syringe Dispense

  • 55cc N2 pressurized syringe dispense.  Other Sizes available upon request.
  • Pressure/time control
  • Controlled as one of 4 maximum coater dispenses

Solvent Prewet

  • Can dramatically reduce resist consumption
  • Programmed stream solvent dispense at wafer center
  • Available with any resist pump (no RRC pump/controller required)
  • Mark V, Vz, 7/8 versions

Pump Changes & Line Additions

  • Upgrade resist pumps or add additional lines 
  • New or refurbished pumps available for any viscosity
  • Includes chemical cabinet modifications as needed

ARDiMuS Backup & Teaching Pendant

Backup System Data and Teach Main Arm Using Industrial Tablet

This handy tablet runs our Teaching Pendant software, our ARDiMuS Back up software, or both. Don’t get caught without proper backups of your system data. If your drive dies, you can use this handy tool to quickly restore ALL your system files in minutes. Teaching software allows a single user to easily teach the system main-arm.

Teaching Pendant Benefits:
  • Dramatically reduces teaching time
  • More accurate calibrations.
  • Available in combination with the ARDiMuS BU
  • Main arm calibration requires only one person
  • Over 50% reduction in teaching time
  • Eliminates human communication errors
  • Quick ROI
ARDiMuS Backup (BU) Benefits:
  • Fast, reliable and secure backup and restoration
  •  Includes Machine Data, Wafer Flows, Alarm Logs system files
  • One Tablet can backup all your Mark Systems by Specific MD#
  • Alarm files can be saved locally – no more losing critical history information when track disk is full and overwrites previous events
  • Also available in combination with the Teaching Pendant

LCD Display Upgrade for TEL Mark Series Systems

Replace Obsolete Version with NEW Unit

Extend your track equipment’s value and usefulness with Rite Track’s new LCD upgrade for TEL Mark Vz/VA and Mark 7/8 systems.  This upgrade was developed to proactively address market need since the OEM plasma display is no longer manufactured.  Instead of providing a similar plasma replacement, we decided to take it to the next level and offer an LCD version that provides significant power saving*, a larger viewing area, and customizable screen colors to best fit your fab’s needs.  Place your orders now and see the difference!


Advanced Recipe and Data Management System

ARDiMuS® provides a much-requested expansion of data and recipe management for Mark series owners who want to extend the life, flexibility, and functionality of their tracks. The drag & drop wafer flow, on-screen hot plate data profiling, and host capabilities have made this a big hit already. The ARDiMuS® will auto-configure itself to the Mark system. It offers enhanced operability, including advanced recipe control, password protected screens, and in-situ data monitoring and analysis. Options include a host computer interface, barcode reader for reducing operator errors, and external signal monitoring, including monitor of signals not normally monitored by the Mark Series tracks.

Key Features:
  • Auto Configuration
  • Flat Panel Touch Screen
  • Enhanced Operability
  • Enhanced Recipe Control – Mark 7/8 only
  • Password Protected Screens
  • InSitu Data Monitoring & Analysis
  • Host Computer Interface
  • Barcode Reader
  • Dispense Flow Rate Monitoring for Mark 7/8 – NEW!
    + Interlock thresholds to prevent scrap
    + Monitor dispense volumes for every wafer
    Identify Problem areas – Record of bad dispenses

Module Additions

Increase Throughput, Add Capability Without Replacing Your System

Don’t replace your system when your latest production needs require additional modules for capacity increases or process changes.  We are the industry experts to contact for needed module additions. Don’t have enough space? No problem. We engineered field retrofitable end-station modules so you can extend your equipment life at a fraction of replacement cost.

End Station Spin or Thermal Additions

  • Increase throughput of existing tools with minimal footprint addition
  • Add Coater, Developer, HP, COL modules at end of system
  • 100 to 200 mm size options
  • Mark Vz & Mark 7/8 versions available

Add Modules in Unused Areas

  • Add Coater, Developer, HP, COL modules to existing blank module areas
  • Field retrofit – we come to you
  • 100 to 200 mm size options
  • Mark Vz & Mark 7/8

Edge-Handling Hot Plates

  • MEMS applications – 150 mm and 200 mm capable
  • Backside contact in outer 3-4 mm only
  • New HP heating element and pin lift assembly

OAI Flood Expose Integration

Monitor & Alarm to Avoid Misprocessing

  • OAI Model 30 UV Light Source Integration
  • Integrated above TEL Mark Vz or TEL Mark 7/8 COL stack base
  • Enclosed and shielded with pneumatic gate for M/A access
  • Also available in end station in place of Interface module

Replacement Temperature & Humidity Control Units

Exclusive Distributor of MELcon Units for North America, Europe, Singapore & Malaysia

Looking for a replacement T&H unit. We can help with a NEW MELcon Unit guaranteed to meet / exceed original equipment requirements.

  • New SACS V4 and SACS V4+ models developed primarily for the field retrofit market
  • Suitable for many other T&H control needs
  • Exclusive distributor for North America, Europe, Singapore and Malaysia

TEL Mark Shinwa T&H Replacement

TEL ACT 8 Shinwa T&H Replacement

TEL ACT 8 Komatsu T&H Replacement