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Rite Track Continues Long Term Support for TEL Mark System Users

Mark Parts & Upgrades to Increase System Life & Functionality

Amid the current chaos, Rite Track is open to help keep your TEL Mark series systems running smoothly with a variety of enhancements and upgrades. As the OEM slows on support of these great workhorse systems, you can count on Rite Track to have the parts and upgrades solutions you need to keep your Mark system operating for years to come. 

Mark system support has been a cornerstone of our business since 2003. With a worldwide logistics network already in place, we are uniquely prepared to serve Mark users across the globe. See the wide variety of Rite Track engineered upgrades available below. Stay safe and let us know how we can help.

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Critical Components Benefit
Main Arm Motors/Drivers Replace aging/obsolete versions with brand NEW components
Solenoids Replace critical solenoids with NEW versions
Wafer Sensors Run various wafer types including glass, blue oxide, sapphire, etc.
Floppy Drive / SD Drive  Eliminates floppy drive  – Ke, Ka, F Versions
LCD Display Upgrade  Replace obsolete OEM plasma display and keypad sheet
PC Board Replacement We have identified critical boards and offer NEW versions
Controller Flash Upgrades Eliminates silicon drive battery failure & data loss
Temp/Humidity Units Replace your aging Temperature & Humidity units with NEW units
New UPS Saves critical data files during power loss or EMO
Chemical Cabinets New, refurbished chemical cabinets or changes to existing cabinets
Resist Pumps Many pump options including new Talon pumps, direct RRC replacements
Functionality Upgrades Benefit
Dual Wafer Size Run two wafers sizes with NO change-over
5 Volt Monitor Monitor controller voltage to prevent system errors & downtime
Flow Meter Sensorization Monitor critical chemical flows to prevent errors (develop, solvent, HMDS, DI)
Vacuum Main Arm Improve wafer transferability for thick resists
Solvent Prewet Save with dramatic reduction in resist consumption
ARDiMuS TP/BU Tablet-based main-arm teaching. Backup/restore system data in minutes
Resist Line Additions Add new dispense lines, pumps to increase system capability
Disposable Coat Bowls Disposable 8” coat bowls – low cost, eliminates cleaning
Syringe Dispense  Great for low volume/short shelf-life material
Develop H-Nozzle Upgrade Upgrade to H-Nozzle develop dispense for improved uniformity
Module Additions Add capacity to your system with additional modules. End stations available
ARDiMuS® Recipe/Data management & in-situ data visibility, collection. Remote access
OAI Flood Expose  Add Integrated OAI flood expose capability