Improve Fab Yield

EAGLEi Series

Wafer Carrier Inspection Systems


The NEW EAGLEi Series was designed to automatically verify critical wafer carrier dimensions. Fabs use the EAGLEi series to quickly identify out-of-tolerance carriers through incoming and in-process inspection.  Removing carriers that do not meet specification will improve wafer transfers, maximize equipment availability, and enhance overall yield through a reduction in wafer breakage and particle contamination.



  • Increase yields using only in-tolerance carriers
  • Quickly identify out-of-tolerance problem carriers
  • Reduce carrier-related downtime
  • Improve carrier interoperability issues
  • Automatically verifies critical wafer carrier and FOUP dimensions
  • Provides incoming and in-process inspection
  • Scan and store carrier ID measurement history for comparison
  • New optics
  • Windows10 operating system

CV9800 & CV9812

Rite Track purchased August CV9800 and CV9812 product lines in 2012. Both lines were discontinued in 2019 due to part obsolescence. Limited parts support is available while supplies last. To avoid inevitable parts issues, existing CV users are encouraged to upgrade to EAGLEi with all new components, optics & operating system. We offer trade-in credit for your old system.

Upgrade Now to EAGLEi

EAGLEi 200

Our EAGLEi 200 can inspect 2″ to 200 mm cassettes as well as quartz and SiC carriers.  Non-contact measurements with high accuracy and repeatability.

  • Simple operation
  • Fast/non-contact inspection
  • Automatic data collection & on-screen data viewing
  • Comparison to target specification
  • Pass-Fail indicator upon scan completion
  • New system with high resolution optics

Exclusive Pocket Finder & Line Finder Software Features

EAGLEi 300

The EAGLEi 300 is a fully automated carrier inspection system designed specifically to verify critical dimensions of 300mm FOUPs & FOSBs utilizing precision touch probe and non-contact measurement features.

  • Simple operation
  • Fully automated inspection incuding FOUP door removal
  • Precision touch probe & non-contact measurement
  • SECS/GEM Communication
  • RFID, information pad, wafer detector in FOUP
  • Wafer center measurement (R1) and reporting
  • Automatic data collection & upload, on-screen data viewing
  • Pass-Fail indicator upon scan completion
  • New system with high resolution optics
  • Door hole leak detection
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